Lt Blenders Mojito in a Bag

Add liquor & water, shake, freeze & squeeze! Makes 16 servings (1/2 gallon - 2 liters). Another Lt. Blender Story: There I am, standing in the aisle trying to decide which fantastic flavor should tantalize my taste buds tonight, when I hear a noise. I look up to see Lt. Blender himself. The noise I heard was coming from some sort of hand painted tribal musical instrument nestled in his pocket. From head to toe the globe trotting lieutenant's entire body was adorned with a plethora of souvenirs he had collected form his most recent adventures. He only smiled as he revealed to me his latest assortment of mixtures. My mind reeled with excitement as I quickly examined each bag. With so many choices, I can't decide which one to get? I stated, my mouth now watering. Then why buy only one? Grab a couple and try a little from each, you can throw the bag in the freezer for later. You can even create your own flavors by mixing them up. Let me know if you come up with something! With a smile and a wave he was gone. Have you seen the Lieutenant? Think Outside the Blender! Easy to freeze - fits into the most-packed freezer! Portable - take it anywhere, slip in your backpack, cooler, or even briefcase! And, best of all; All natural - made with real fruit juices and other natural ingredients - tastes as good as made from scratch, but without the blender and the mess! Imported from Galveston Island, TX. Made in the USA.