Lt Blenders Pina Colada in a Bag

Add liquor & water, shake, freeze & squeeze. All natural real pineapple and coconut. Makes 16 4 oz servings or 1/2 gallon (about 2 liters). The Lieutenant Blender Story: It was back in the days when Lt. Blender was making those secret jumps into Latin America. This was one of those times when he got blown off course into Costa Rica high in the mountains. He knew he would have to walk out. After half a day he found a local bar. He ordered aqua. No aqua, the bartender said, Pina. Ok Blender agreed. Fast as lightning, the bartender poured a jigger of rum, cream of coconut and some pineapple juice - fill with ice and pushed it to the blender. Down it went. Another, said Blender. What d'ya call that? The bartender ignored him and gave him another. And, then, another. Bender never said much about what happened after that. But later he found the words Pina colada printed on his shirt sleeve. Pina Colada, he thought to himself. And vowed never to jump without it again. But he knew there was no way to pack along bottles of rum and cream of coconut and pineapple juice. So he invented Lt. Blender's Pina Colada mix. (Our all natural mix has no preservatives, so it may get lumpy, but does not affect quality. Just let liquor soak for a few minutes.) We asked the Army to review this so we wouldn't be giving away anything. They said all they'd do is add a slice of pineapple to the Pina Colada as a garnish. Think outside the blender. Easy to freeze - fits into the most packed freezer! Portable - take it anywhere, slip in your backpack, cooler or even briefcase! All natural - made with real pineapple and coconut - the most awesome Pina Colada you've ever had! and best of all, better than made from scratch - Lt. Bender's award-winning and all-natural mixes taste as good as made from scratch, but without the guesswork, blender and mess! Made in the USA.