Ball Park™ Flame Grilled Beef Patties, 4 Count

Enjoy a cookout-style meal with Ball Park® Flame Grilled Beef Patties. Each of our burger patties is made with 100% beef and comes fully cooked, making it a great option for a quick weeknight meal. Our patties have 13 grams of protein per serving, and are filled with a flame-grilled taste that will keep your family satisfied. Simply microwave for 40-50 seconds or cook in a skillet for 5-7 minutes and serve on a bun with fresh lettuce and tomato for a tasty, all-American classic. Includes 4 Flame Grilled Beef Patties. Ball Park® Brand was born on a warm summer's day at Detroit's Tiger Stadium in 1957. Maybe that's why Ball Park® Brand and summer go hand-in-hand. Over 60 years later, they're not just burgers and hot dogs, they're a summer tradition. Whether it's the roar of the stadium, the sizzle of the grill, or the smell of the backyard cookout, there's something about Ball Park® Brand that just tastes likes summer, no matter what the season. So fire up the grill, invite over family and friends, and Bring On Summer™ with Ball Park® Brand. One package of 4 Ball Park® Flame Grilled Beef Patties Made with 100% beef 13 grams of protein per serving Flame-grilled taste Fully cooked Perfect for cooking in a skillet or microwave