Mutti Pizza Sauce, Basil & Oregano

Gluten free. Vegan. Non GMO. Italy's No. 1 tomato brand (Source: IRI Infoscan 2017). Salsa per pizza. My Family's Passion: Since 1899, my family has shared our passion for everything that goes into this 100% Italian tomato sauce - the sun, soil, rain, and heart of our people. We capture all of this to share with you. Our Pizza Sauce is a rich combination of fresh tomato will savory, aromatic basil and oregano. Great for pizza and flatbreads, dipping sauces, and even olive tapenade. - Francesco Mutti. Join us: (at)MuttiPomodoroUSA. Facebook. Instagram. Please recycle. Non BPA (No BPA intentionally added to packaging material). Product of Italy.