Food Country USA began in 1914 in a small rural area of Southwest Virginia known as Poor Valley. W.F. Henderson opened this first small country store to serve friends and neighbors in the surrounding area. Now, five generations later, what evolved as Food Country USA still strives to serve friends and neighbors at each store location in Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee.

With general offices in Abingdon, Virginia, Food Country is rapidly growing to become one of the largest independently owned and operated grocery chains in the region. The well planned growth that Food Country USA visualizes over the next several years means you have chosen a place of employment bright with opportunities for personal growth and advancement. Although the company has a great history, our greatest successes will be in our future. By choosing to become an employee of Food Country USA, you will become a part of that future.



  1. It’s Simple – No cards necessary to receive specials. No mass quantities required for savings. No calculators needed to determine
    your savings.
  2. Extremely low pricing throughout the store with value and variety.
  3. Butcher’s Best Quality Fresh Meats/ Farmer’s Finest Crisp Vegetables and Produce/Always Fresh Deli-Bakery
  4. Clean stores with fast, friendly service and smiling faces.
  5. Locally owned and operated – your money stays in your community.


Thank you for allowing us to serve your grocery needs.


We look forward to seeing you at any of our 10 convenient locations.