Utz Snack Pack, Assorted, Variety, Sharing Pack 10 ea

Utz® Variety Snack Pack is individually packaged, perfect for packing lunches, great for the Office, Meetings, Schools, Friends & Family. Enjoy 2 bags of Utz® Cheese Curls, 3 bags of Utz® Original Potato Chips, 3 Bags of Utz® Barbeque Potato Chips and 2 bags of Utz® Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips. Utz snacks are an ideal snack on their own, and they also taste great paired with your favorite sandwich. These single serve individual bags are perfect for lunches, cook outs, party favors, and on-the-go salty snacks, or keeping handy for whenever the cravings strike. Also great for traveling, sporting events and picnics! This Utz® variety snack pack not only holds 10 individual 1 oz bags of your favorite Utz® snacks but is also resealable for keeping things tidy in your cabinets. Choose Utz® for quality snack foods made with quality ingredients that are crunchier, fresher, and simply better.